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   The Full Octave, 152 Market Street,
Dalton-In-Furness, Cumbria, LA15 8RQ

   01229 467109

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Woodwind and Brass

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The Full Octave has staff, who either play, teach or repair instruments. They are well qualified to give advice. If you are looking for a student instrument or beyond, we stock a range of brands. Including: Yamaha, Packer, Artemis, Trevor James, Vivace and Jupiter and brass instruments from John Packer. although we can source other brands.

If you are thinking of buying online, do please give us a chance to match the price. Smaller shops can very often match and even beat the online sites, as long as it is an “acquired just for you” purchase.

They may only make a small profit but each purchase helps to prevent further degradation of the high street, and in addition you have somewhere to go should you require after sales service.

Reconditioned Instruments

We have an expanding range of reconditioned instrments mainly Flutes and Clarinets, these are mostly Trevor James Buffet and Yamaha instruments.  In the near future they will be displayed in their own picture galleries, although the meantime do ring to discover what is available.

Woodwind Repair

We are happy to undertake small repairs and for anything larger we can put you in contact with local specialists. Contact us if you have any questions or to request a quote.

Instrument Rentals

We operate a 'Try Before You Buy' Rental Scheme for anyone who wants to try an instrument before committing to purchasing it.

Woodwind Accessories

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We stock woodwind accessories including, reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures, straps and cleaning materials etc. Brands incl. Yamaha, Vandoren, Rico, Esprit and Rovner to name but a few.

Brass Accessories

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We stock a range of brass accessories such as Denis Wick mouthpieces and mutes plus a range of cleaning materials and lubricants.