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   The Full Octave, 152 Market Street,
Dalton-In-Furness, Cumbria, LA15 8RQ

   01229 467109

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We offer a range of stringed instruments incl. Acoustic guitars, folk instruments and violins. We try to source instruments from a range of suppliers to allow as great a choice as possible.


Our violins and bows are in the main of a student quality. Violins range up to a value of approx £300.00

Violin Repair

If your violin requires repair or adjustment the Full Octave has a close relationship with an independent repair company, feel free to get in touch with


We have a wide range of mainly acoustic guitars in stock. Please drop in to try them out.

String Accessories

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We stock a wide range of accessories for your stringed instrument.  From new strings to rosin, stands and many other items.

We stock almost everything relating to the care of your instrument.