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Piano Restoration

Repairing or restoring your older piano may not be anywhere near as expensive as you may believe. The Full Octave’s passion is to bring back to life those older German and English pianos, which because of cheap imports many businesses feel are no longer profitable to restore.

We at the Full Octave due to the fact we have lower overheads can make these restorations worthwhile and affordable.We offer a bespoke service from the smallest repair to full internal and external restoration including veneer work.

We are prepared to undertake work at any distance from our base (South Lakes Cumbria) and transport costs are kept to a minimum.

We are very happy to undertake insurance work.

We offer two distinct options to enable people to purchase a restored piano at greatly differing prices without having to compromise on quality.

All our pianos are restored internally to the same high level; however, the option is given as to whether the customer requires the case to be refinished. Refinishing can be undertaken at a later date and a quote will be offered, thus enabling us to initially offer over strung pianos that effectively play like new instruments, at under £1000.

We do, of course, offer pianos restored both internally and externally. These pianos will range from approximately £1000 - £1600.  If we do not have in stock the particular make/style/colour of the piano of your choice, please contact us as we make a point of sourcing un-restored pianos specific to individual customers, enabling us to offer a bespoke service.

At 'The Full Octave' our policy is to replace all essential high wear items such as spring and leather work but in addition also to replace all other parts necessary to ensure that the instrument will play in a state which is virtually as new.

Hammerheads are recovered/replaced and instruments restrung where the piano is of suitably high quality to justify the increased asking price.

In addition, we also offer a full restoration service for customers’ own instruments and piano tuning. All pianos currently in stock are shown on our piano sales page.

Upright Piano Restoration

Repinning centres

We offer a bespoke restoration service at reasonable cost.

Sometimes pianos may be brought back to a very acceptable level of playability simply with a bit of regulation. Others for instance may have damper or jack springs breaking which can be replaced as full sets costing very little in comparison to a full restoration. On these occasions the piano will eventually play more than adequately, but with considerably less slickness and evenness, as one would obtain from a fully restored instrument.

It would be entirely your choice as to how far down the restoration process you wish to go.

Upright Action Restoration

The list below indicates what a full restoration may entail; however the customer can opt only to have the absolute essential work undertaken:-

  • New hammerheads or reface originals
  • New butt springs
  • New damper springs
  • New jack springs
  • New butt leathers
  • New check leathers
  • New damper felts
  • New check felts
  • Repair or re-cover key coverings
  • New key bushings
  • Re-pinning flanges
  • Keys re-bushed
  • Accurate regulation and tuning to A440 (essential)

Grand Piano Restoration

We offer a full-bespoke restoration service at reasonable prices.

Sometimes pianos may be brought back to an acceptable level of playability simply with regulation. This will cost far less than a full restoration but result in the piano playing more than adequately, although a fully restored instrument will perform with far greater sensitivity and evenness.

It would be entirely your choice as to how far down the restoration process you wish to proceed.

Grand Action Restoration

The list below indicates what a full restoration may entail; however the customer can opt only to have the absolute essential work undertaken:-

  • New Hammerheads
  • New Rollers
  • New Damper springs
  • New check leathers
  • New check felts
  • New damper felts
  • Repair or re-cover key coverings
  • Re-pinning flanges
  • Accurate regulation and tuning to A440 (essential)


This can be the treble strings, bass strings or total restringing.

When a grand piano is totally restrung, re-gilding of the frame is usually a standard procedure.

Case Refinishing

spray - case refinishing

We offer a total refinishing service whereby the entire casework of the piano is stripped of its original lacquer/polish, repaired/veneered where necessary, sanded, stained and finally re-sprayed in cellulose based pre-catalysed lacquer. This allows us to offer a much more affordable (and durable!) finish than French Polish, which is extremely labour intensive, expensive and VERY sensitive to both moisture and heat.

Additionally, all brass work including hinges and locks etc is meticulously burnished to its original bright lustre, and all felts, found principally around the pedals and music rest, are replaced.

The end result of these works will naturally vary depending on the quality of veneers used by the manufacturer, and the amount of damage sustained by the piano in its lifetime. It would not be unreasonable to claim that a good quality, well looked after example can genuinely look as stunning as a new instrument! Call in to see some examples, or phone for some friendly advice

Key to Restoration work undertaken

(Specific work shown on the piano sales page.)

A number of other remedial tasks may be undertaken to ensure the action operates as it should. Depending on the particular condition of the instrument.

upright actiongrand action

1.  Balance Leathers  Replaced
2.  Notch Leathers  Replaced
3.  Cushion Felts  Replaced
4.  Butt Springs  Replaced
5.  Damper Springs  Replaced
6.  Jack Springs  Replaced
7.  Tapes  Repinned
8.  Centres  Replaced
9.  Hammers  Recovered/Refaced
10.  Spoons  Polished
11.  Jacks  Burnished
12.  Damper Tails  Replaced
13.  Keys (white)  Polished/Replaced
14.  Touch Washers  Replaced
15.  Balance Washers  Replaced
16.  Key Bushing  Replaced
17.  Key Bushing  Replaced


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