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Dalton-In-Furness, Cumbria, LA15 8RQ

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Price Guide

On this page you will see a breakdown of prices associated with aspects of our business.  

Tuning Fees
  • Local, up to 10 miles radius of LA15 8RQ - £50
  • 10 miles to 25 miles - £55 to £65
  • Over 25 miles - £65 to £75

All prices include VAT.

The fee for pulling a piano up to pitch is normally the same as a standard tuning fee, although there can be extreme cases when the pitch is down over half a tone, and where a small extra charge would incur.

Piano Moving

Each move is different and we generally quote on a "job by job" basis.  A rough guide would be local upright moves between £65 and £80.  A local grand move would be between £100 and £130.  Please contact us for a quotation.

Moving Pianos purchased from us or restored on a client's behalf

In these circumstances we offer a reduced fee. Please contact us for a quotation.

Piano Regulation

Upright Regulation

Cost can vary a great deal, especially if the piano has not been regulated for many years.  A firm quotation would be given before commencing.

Grand Regulation

Cost can vary a great deal especially if the piano has not been regulated for many years.  This is arguably the most rewarding aspect of the business, as most grands are playing in a manner no way near their full potential.  They ought to be a joy to touch, whereas most tend to play rather like uprights "on their back".

A "totally from scratch" regulation usually costs £200 to £400, although it may be wise to consider having new grand rollers fitted prior to regulation.

Piano Lifesaver
  • Standard grand supplied and fitted - £380
  • Upright supplied and fitted - £365

NB: We are always happy to beat any genuine verifiable quote. Please note these prices are a guide as the product is imported and price can vary dramatically.

Restoration Guide Prices

Please be aware that the term 'restoration' means different things to different people. The piano can be made to play very well for relatively low cost. But this does not take into account condition of strings, wear on hammer heads, condition of keys or caswork. All prices are a guide only, and each element of restoration work is presented and quoted seperately.  A firm Quote will be given before the work is undertaken.

Standard Upright Restoration

  • Re-facing hammers
  • Fitting new damper springs
  • Fitting new butt springs
  • Fitting new jack springs
  • Fitting new notch leathers
  • Fitting new balance leathers
  • Fitting new cushion felts (if required)
  • Re-centre all action parts as required
  • Burnishing levers
  • Polishing damper spoons
  • Regulating piano and tuning to A440
  • All small incidental work
  • Dismantle and reassembly

Total = £950

Standard Grand Restoration

  • Supply and fit new rollers
  • Supply and fit new repetition springs (if required)
  • Fit new check leathers
  • Re-centre all action parts as required
  • Reface hammerheads
  • Burnish jack
  • Refurbish all other action felts, which on inspection we feel require replacing
  • Regulation action
  • Tuning to A440

Accurately regulating grand pianos after a complete rebuild can be very time consuming and constitutes a disproportionate element of the cost.

Total cost = from £1200

Additional Repair Items

  • Replacing hammerheads
  • Re-bushing keys
  • Replacing key coverings
  • Re-stringing 

These items are extra to a standard restoration and are on a case-by-case basis.

Case Refinishing
  • Dismantling
  • Stripping
  • Sanding
  • Making Good
  • Veneering
  • Staining
  • Grain Filling (optional extra)
  • Base Coating
  • Top Coating
  • Polishing Brasses
  • Reassembly
  • Felt Work

Total cost is usually within the range of £500 to £1000 dependent upon the size, complexity of the case and the finish required.

Grand pianos can be particularly ornate and may require rather more work than is usual.  A firm quotation would be given before commencing.

Instrument Rentals

We offer a 'Try Before You Buy' Rental Scheme for anyone who wants to try an instrument before committing to purchasing it. 

All rentals are for a period of 3 months unless otherwise agreed.

Please see below for full details of our rental contracts:

  • £45 - Flutes
  • £45 - Clarinets
  • £80 - Saxophones
  • £45 - Trumpets
  • £45 - Cornets
  • For pianos special rates apply (please see below).

All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated.

At the end of the 3 months you may then:

  1. Own the Instrument - If you would like to own the instrument, you can deduct the hire amount already paid from the original purchase price and pay us the balance.
  2. Return the Instrument to us - If you decide not the keep the instrument, return it to us in the same condition as at the commencement of the initial hire period (any damage will incur a charge).   Any instrument not returned within seven working days of expiry will be charged at £5 per week outstanding.
  3. Re-rent the Instrument - You can re-rent the instrument (as many times as you like) in three-month periods at the same cost as the initial three-month period.   If you re-rent the instrument and finally decide to own it, only one of the three-month hire periods may be deducted from the original price (saxophones excepted where a six-month hire charge is deducted).
  4. Purchase the instrument over a maximum 18 month period using standing order - The period of repayment will be at our discretion depending mainly on the value of the instrument.   An administrative fee of £20 will be charged for people choosing option 4.
Piano Rental

As we feel it takes longer to become sure that the piano is the instrument for you and taking into consideration that pianos are our speciality, we are able to offer an exceptional rental scheme.


  1. 6 months @ £40 incl VAT = Total £240
  2. 12 months @ £30 incl VAT = Total £360

After either the 6 month or the 12 month period has elapsed, you have the option to purchase the piano at original cost price, minus the rental fee, or return the instrument to us.

Rental Fees do not include delivery and return of the instrument (see Piano Moves).

You may feel it wise to include the instrument on your home insurance as unreasonable damage will be charged for.

Hire Purchase

Pianos are generally more expensive than most other instruments sold through the shop and as such, we are always happy to consider an extended interest free payment plan over a maximum of 18 months.

NB: The piano remains the property of The Full Octave until paid for in full.